Given developments regarding COVID-19 and to assist in reducing the spread of this disease, effective immediately, the Mandatory Debtor Education classes have been suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Please check back to see when classes have resumed.

How to Verify the Debtor’s Identification for 341 Telephonic Hearings

Stipulation & Order to Adjourn

In an on-going effort to make the 341 hearings more efficient for everyone, the Chapter 13 Trustee has assigned times for the 341 hearings.  See below for the next scheduled 341 hearing times.  Hearing times are at the far left column.  We hope this will be a more efficient use of your time and the Trustee’s staff’s time at 341 Hearings.  This document is organized by  hearing officers.

December 7th, 2021 Hearings (pdf)

Debtor Ed & 341 Informational Letter (pdf)

U.S Bankruptcy Court Notices

Notice of Special Appearance

Language Assistance Program(LAP)

The Language Assistance Program provides for the implementation of telephone interpreter services at the §341 meeting for debtors with limited English proficiency.  Conference speaker phones have been distributed to all leased §341 meeting rooms.  At this time, the service is readily available, free of charge.  Please let your trustee know if you need the Language Assistance Program at least 5 days prior to the §341 meeting.